Terror In The Eyes of an Angel

May 4, 2010
She sits all alone in her room,
Tears flowing down her angelic featured cheeks.
She hears the screams and whimpers
Of what’s going on down stairs.
She wants to cry out,
Make it all stop.
She tries to tune out all the noises
Of hurt and pain.
There’s a knock on the door,
It turns to a pounding.
She keeps silent,
Maybe he’ll go away.
She goes under her bed
To hide and weep in silence.
The door busts down
And the room fills with terror ,
And doubt.
She peeks out and sees
That she has a straight shot
Of making it out of her room
Without being caught.
She crawls out and sprints out of the room,
Down the stairs,
To the den
Where she seen the worst of her fears
A hole in the one thing that meant most to her
Blood filling the atmosphere
Tears streaming down more, and more.
This cant stop her.
She turned and ran out the door,
She didn’t know where to go
But anywhere is better than there.
Across the street she went,
Pounded on the neighbor’s door.
Someone answered,
Then she just couldn’t find the words to say,
She just fell to her knees,
And let the tears tell all.

Cops came soon,
They went to her house,
They seen all that went down.
She had nobody she could stay with
Nobody to love her,
Since the one that had,
Has gone to a better place.
The neighbors took her in
There she was unhappy
She felt as she didn’t belong.
She kept to herself,
Still haunted by the nightmare that had happened,
The one night she would never forget.

One night,
She couldn’t take it anymore.
With one last look at her room,
Her pictures,
Her life.
She was shaking,
Saying this is what’s best,
What has to be done.
With that she did the worst.
She put the murderer to her head,
And pressed her life away.

The next morning,
They went up to her room,
And to their surprise,
They found her,
With blood all around.
As they went closer,
They found a piece of paper with blood dripped on it.
And on that piece of paper it wrote:
I’m truly happy now.

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