April 15, 2010
By , Tenafly, NJ

Trapped is what you feel
No one to hear your screams
The mourning of your cries
As if you were the only one
Pain is the only thing you feel
Fear is merely a comfort
Being caught is what you dread
You’re alone in your own little world
Hoping one day to be set free from this nightmare
Thinking one day the agony will stop
But sad to say
That day will never come
You’re fear now anger
The wrenching you feel in your heart
But inside you don’t feel love
The blood racing through your veins is what keeps you alive
Not the hope, but the disaster you have become
This monster you think, has ruined your life
All the torment that you’ve been through
But do you know who that monster really is
Take a look in the mirror, and find out for yourself

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