I'm Losing Time

April 15, 2010
By Anonymous

Sitting by the fire
Memories of the summer run through my head
Water sprinkles out of my eyes
Like a faucet

I realize that this is my last,
My last night with my sisters,
My last night at my safe haven,
My last night in my isolated peninsula,
My last night with the ones I love,
My last night at my favorite place in the world,
My last night at the Point.

I am surrounded by my summer family,
Knowing that every girl sitting by this fire,
Has the same thoughts running through their mind.

The crisp air,
Is filled with loud sobs
But underneath that,
If you listen carefully,
You can hear the faint sound of the lake
As it crashes against the cool sand

I sit there motionless
Listening to the sound I have grown to love
After many years at this utopia.

Leaning my head on to my friend’s shoulder
I feel safe,
I feel loved,
I feel secure.
Protected by the people around me.

I don’t want to leave
I will never want to leave
But as a small pale finger
Leans over and wipes a tear our from under my eye
I know that I have plenty of other times to be sad
But here, right now,
Listening to the sounds of the lake,
Sitting with my sisters,
I should cherish my time left with you, Point
Because I know,
I am loosing time.

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