May 3, 2010
By Mathwiz150 BRONZE, Collegeville, Pennsylvania
Mathwiz150 BRONZE, Collegeville, Pennsylvania
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This life of Solitude now faces me
As Despair and Torment sweep across my face.
Time shall reveal the mistakes you could not see
Alone I wander, in the darkness of this place.

The Sunlight can not shine through, nor reach me down here.
As the shadows dance across the crevace of my heart.
And weary I stand when you are no longer near
For this place is my hell, barren, cold, and dark.

Withered my hands have become
Fragile and broken my body does seem
But my mind and heart are not one
Soul-less and Broken I shall be

My strength fades as dusk turns to dawn.
The memories of happiness are all that remain.
Though I will decay my heart will live on,
And the image of you will always stay the same

Always alone I have wandered before
Soul-less and Empty my heart is no-more.

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