Never Enough

May 3, 2010
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"I'm never enough,"
she whispered to the mirror.
Her pretty blue eyes heavy with self pity.
Her silent tears scream so loud,
she's the only one who hears them hitting the ground.
Alone in an isolated world
that no one knows about.
Confusion sings into her ear
and fear stands before her.
"I'm never enough,"
she says again.
She runs through sympathy
and wonders through indulgence
with courage by her side.
Lust stands before her
with his over-weening pride.
She blinks and steps aside.
"I'm never enough,"
she says through blood shot eyes.
Anger boils on the burner on the stove
and happiness stirs it,
and she just sits and watches.
She's lost all control
and she doesn't really care.
She stares in the mirror and whispers,
"I'll never be enough."

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