You don't know me...

May 5, 2010
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You don't know me.
No one does.
I like it that way.
That way no one can see the cracks in my mind
That let the thoughts curl out like vicious little snakes
That will wrap around your brain and make you think,
Make the veil that shields
You from the true world lift
And expose the death and suffering
Those humans have become accustomed to be
You don’t know me.
Thos are the words I spoke to my mother
As she looked down on me
As I bled and cried for all that had been lost.
My soul was shattering into
Razor sharp pieces of ice
That she simply gathered into an envelope
And tucked away.
Out of sight out of mind.
I’m out of my mind.
You don’t know me.
So lonely,
I just want to be loved,
Is that too much to ask?
You really could know me
If you really tried.
But you don’t know me,
No one does.
The fatigue seeps into my bones
Leaking like acid from an old battery
That someone forgot
Because it was useless.
That is me:

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