May 1, 2010
By ladygagaluvr BRONZE, Tenafly, New Jersey
ladygagaluvr BRONZE, Tenafly, New Jersey
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"To the windows, to the windows! To the walls, to the walls!..." - Betty White in The Proposal

So many desires!
You want your bottle and a change of your diaper
Raising your voice, you get what you want
Eventually. Wailing, that always works –
Like a fire alarm going off in your parents’ bedroom.
It seems like you just can’t get what you want without
help. Your tear ducts start producing offspring.
You wail louder. Why can’t I get it myself?
The crib shakes with each struggle to get over the edge.
It might break, you don’t care! What’s there to be
Afraid of? The horrific act was already done. You are trapped.
More waling.

Independence Day finally arrives
A few months later.
You are free
from being dependent on the loving female Feeder.
You get up, climb over the railing, and hobble to the coffee table.
The bottle is yours.

Laughter and happiness fills the air.
“Look at her, shes all grown up! Soon she’ll be going off to college!”
You wonder what they’re saying, but resolute to not knowing. It’s better that way.

All of this calamity has made you sleepy,
You shuffle like a penguin back to your crib, initiating more “awws” and “oohs.”
Then you start howling again. Deep bone-shaking cries of horror and disappointment!
The crib
It-it is too high up!

Learn to take it one hobble at a time,
There’s still more freedom to come.
Patience and determination are key.

The author's comments:
This piece is about a child struggling to be independent or "free."

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