May 4, 2010
By Megs39 GOLD, Clarence, New York
Megs39 GOLD, Clarence, New York
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But why –
“Because I can”
You can’t
“Oh yes I can”
That’s not fair!
“You wanna bet?”
I Hate being the youngest
“That’s what you get”
Lucky! You get it ALL
“Wrong again, I’m always at fault”
Wow. One bad thing among many good
“You’re SO stupid. I’d switch if I could”
“Oh yes”
You lie
“I don’t”
Prove it: You won’t
“I would if I wanted, but I don’t really care”
It’s really simple, if you just learned to share
“By letting you borrow my new shirt?”
I’ll trade you – my flats AND my favorite skirt
“The denim one with the bleach faded hem?”
As long as I don’t have to ask you again!
“I GUESS that could work, just this one time, but when it comes back…”
I know – no dirt or grime
“None. Do you hear me? I’ll find you if it’s dirty”
In front of mom? You wouldn’t DARE hurt me
“I could do worse…rub your flats in the sand…”
You can’t do that!
“Oh yes I can”

The author's comments:
This relates to my life, and the daily fight between my sisters and I. Or is it my sisters and me?

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