Why I Wear my Sunglasses

April 27, 2010
By Vilhelm GOLD, Elk River, Minnesota
Vilhelm GOLD, Elk River, Minnesota
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Why do I wear these sunglasses?
The ones that hide my face?
That guard and block all this earth
And help me keep my place?

That help me keep my dignity,
And keeps away the pride,
And are a sight for sore eyes
When I need to hide?

The ones I wear every time
You come and sit and talk
And say you like to take me out
And maybe for a walk.

I wear them when you see me,
I wear them throughout the day,
Because I won’t and can’t be seen
By this game you play.

Beyond the shades you only view
What you want to see
If it is different, if it is wrong,
You’ll beat correction out of me.

You do not want to see the face
That sits behind the black.
You only want what you say is real,
Everything else I lack.

Why do I wear these sunglasses?
The ones that hide my face?
Because I can’t let you again
Set me in my place.

The author's comments:
There are several people in my life who only want to see the parts of me they like. I find myself both literally and figuratively hiding my face so I won't have to deal with their corrections again.

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