May 2, 2010
sometimes i find myself watching the time go by, and i wonder how long it might be until i care about what i am letting slip away

sometimes i will begin to cry after trying not to for so long only to discover that i can't shut off the shower pouring down my face

sometimes i am sure that no one cares of my pain and that no one will ever understand what i am going through

sometimes i imagine that no one can see through the mask of perfection that i plaster on my face as i awaken to a new day

sometimes i tell myself that i am strong and invincible, just to keep myself from shattering

but then...

sometimes i think of you and i know that you see through every masquerede i attempt and you love me anyways

sometimes i see your son as he died for my sins...someone unworthy but he did it anyways

sometimes i can just barely hear your whisper, saying softly...

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