Dancing alone

May 1, 2010
By misrableatb3st GOLD, Glen Head, New York
misrableatb3st GOLD, Glen Head, New York
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The music echoed in our ears,
Soft enough to be comfortable,
But loud enough to drown out any mixed feelings.
We swayed from side to side,
Forgetting about the rest of the people in the room,
And what they think.
We imagined us alone on the dance floor,
Dancing across the clouds,
And the oceans,
And over the mountains.
Because that's what we can do when we're together.
We can create miracles.
Love can create miracles.
But it was only for that one song.
After that, I tried to dance across the clouds,
And the seas,
And over the mountains,
But I plummeted to the ground,
I sank,
I tumbled down my side of the mountain.
Once reaching rock bottom,
I looked up to the sky,
Breathing heavily.
I still danced in my head.
But this time, I was alone.

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