I love/hate you so much.

April 28, 2010
By misrableatb3st GOLD, Glen Head, New York
misrableatb3st GOLD, Glen Head, New York
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I’m in love with you.

I’m in love with you because every time I hear your voice, it’s as if my brain, and my guts, and everything in between have disappeared and all that matters is my heart.

I’m in love with you because of that one moment, where I felt as if I could melt into your arms, and stay there forever and ever without anyone else’s input.

I’m in love with you because when I’m with you (which is all of the time), I feel like we can fly away together into the heavens and be happily ever after.

That’s all I’ve ever wanted.


But I hate you.

I hate you because every time I open my eyes, you’re with her, sharing secrets in the hallway and giggling about your inside jokes.

I hate you because your touch is so common, it’s gone from a hopeful spark to a ton of hot steel pressing against my arm until there’s a permanent burn there.

I hate you because every time I think we can live happily ever after, after my wings are all set to take off, you chop them off, and run away.

So much for happiness,

So much for love.

All I can get is a truck load of signs that mean everything, and nothing, at the same time.

The author's comments:
people confuse the hell out of me.

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