I Hate That I Am...

April 28, 2010
By YourPoeticAngel SILVER, Corning, Iowa
YourPoeticAngel SILVER, Corning, Iowa
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I hate sitting here.
Watching my problems arise.
From the ashes of the ones fallen before.
I am strong.

I hate crying over self obsessed guys.
Wondering if they'll ever see.
How much pain they caused me..
I am weak.

I hate covering the scars.
Of long forgotten pain.
Each of them telling a million stories.
I am sin.

I hate believing that the only way out..
Is death.
Wanting it so bad, yet so afraid.
I am frightened.

I hate thinking about myself as a human being.
It makes this so much worse..
The pain, the shattered glass in my already sliced palms..
I am slipping.

I hate hearing their excuses.
Knowing they're lying,
but staying quiet all the same.
I am patient.

I know they'll have their time in this hell..
I'm just gonna sit and watch as they did.
And hope he's there with me.

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