April 26, 2010
By NafeeulAraf BRONZE, Houston, Texas
NafeeulAraf BRONZE, Houston, Texas
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A salute to the quiet
But a misery for the holes
In fantasies causing riots
Your dreams come at night catching you off guard
Your dreamcatcher couldnt try so hard
tos top the stories of the night
the fears and the frights
the shivers of the sorrows
awaiting light from tomorrow
for its the light and heat
that begins to seek
but we refuse it
only need it when we use it
so light let us sleep
forever a dark knight like Heath
we remain
unchanged and unphased
for the light has been erased
and the night is a race
against time and space
and both i wish to defy
so i could sit up there hihg
in a pitch black sky
with not a cloud in my way
with not a sense of today
for tomorrow's on the brink of existence
and its the star's persistence
to shine so lovely
lookin up at the moon, hoping she's thinkin of me
for the diamond in the sky
with a twinkle so bright
brings forth a smile
from some place beyond myself
from a blue moon, a dry well
its her eyes and that shy spell
she casts a shadow darker than night itself
on my heart, harder than its shell
the one she broke
with every word she spoke
and whispered into the screaming winds
every fight i cringe
at the thought of losing the comfort of the sky
the music of fireflies
the change of fall to winter
and the desire for night to wither
away into an understandable world
where love is a demandable word
where light exposes all leaving no paths to wonder
but i refuse to use the map, i wander
back into the night to rewrite history
the comfort of the darkness, remains an unsolved mystery.

The author's comments:
During Summer nights, it seems i do my best thinking at night. This is an example.

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