The Poem I Wish Had Been Written For Me

April 26, 2010
By Star_In_The_Sky BRONZE, Isabela, Other
Star_In_The_Sky BRONZE, Isabela, Other
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I can barely hold it in.
My heart is strangled with pain.
The burning blood in my hands
Can only be washed by rain

Dear quenching rain
How I wish to dance in you.
Fall from the heavens
And my broken life renew.

Make this desert a forest
Or help me run away
Because my strength has failed me
And my mind led me astray.

I can’t believe I left you
And her for this wretchedness
At first I thought it blissful
But now realize I’m a mess.

I know you can forgive me
And take me back with joy.
But you are you and she is not.
My chance I did destroy.

My beautiful loving girl
How I long to call you mine
But you’re not cuz I abandoned you.
I’m a man without a spine.

I wish that I had been there.
All those moments you felt alone
The thought that you cried for me
Still chills me to the bone.

Your delicate glass tears
That I wasn’t there to clean
Break my heart a million times
They tear me at the seams.

I wasn’t there to slay your dragon.
Like a fool I looked away.
But you brave warrior princess.
Always dared to fight and pray.

Oh, how I miss your laughter.
The playful warmth in your eyes
Your dark chocolate hair
Waving in the air
And your lips that were so wise.

Your heart was like a well to me.
A channel for the rain
I wish that I could be with you.
But I can’t erase your pain.

The author's comments:
A poem written by a girl who never got her promised poem by her love before he left her. She dreams that this is what he is feeling and thinking but doubts it to be true.

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