Selfish Settlers

April 30, 2010
By , Ashburnham, MA
I was sitting by my teepee
With the rest of my clan,
When from the horizon
Came an unfamiliar white man.

Behind him followed
Other white men to.
They carried their weapons,
And we didn’t know what to do.

Little did we know
That they would kill us all,
They had come here to exterminate
And try to make us fall.

We tried to make peace
Despite what they had done,
But they only cared about
The things they shot with their gun.

We have been given some choices
That makes us all cry.
To be sent to reservations,
Or to stay here and die?

They are taking away our lands
And all of our pride,
And all of the things we have done for them,
Have been forgotten and pushed aside.

The treaties we signed
Meant nothing at all
We were supposed to keep our lands
To let our tribes live and stand tall.

These men show no respect
To our traditional ways
They do not worship nature,
Such as the sun and its rays.

What I would do
To show them wrong!
We deserve this land more
Because we have been here so long!

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