The Thrilling Basketball Game

April 30, 2010
By Anonymous

It was halftime in a stuffy gym,
The ball seemed to dislike the rim.
The Eagles were down by at least more than ten,
The rowdy Wildcats were quite happen then.

On the side of the court, Coach Romano eagerly spoke:
“We must not give up, we must not choke.
It seems you don’t want it as much as they do,
You girls can do better, you’ve gotta show ‘em you want it to!”

So we put the first half in the back of our head
And we thought about what our coach had said.
With our hopes set high, we walked on the court
And the soaring Eagles showed how much we loved this sport.

On defense we hustled and got down low.
On offense we swung it, and scored like a pro.
Like real warriors we put up a good fight.
But would it be enough to beat the Wildcats that night?

We’ve done it before, but it sure wasn’t with ease,
Our latest encounter ended with black and blue knees.
This was it, the last game of the year,
And the thought of losing to Gardner only brought fear.

With two minutes to go, we were down by a basket.
The people in the stands knew how to make a racket.
Our work was cut out for us, we knew what to do,
So we went in for a basket, and it counted for two.

The score was tied, and there was no time to rest,
A minute on the clock, it was our final test.
It was Gardner’s possession, until we got the ball,
We took it to the hoop, and through the nest is where it would fall.

We were up by two but it wasn’t ours yet,
But we couldn’t get happier when the cats started to fret.
Soon enough the ref’s whistle was finally blown!
The game was over, and the trophy was Overlook’s to own!

Over and over again, it plays in my head,
The day my team put those wildcats to bed.
The season is over, and our hard work is done,
But my oh my, was that game so much fun!

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