I am me?

May 5, 2010
By Kimmikko3 GOLD, Massena, New York
Kimmikko3 GOLD, Massena, New York
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Favorite Quote:
Your mind creates your reality. If you expect nothing, you open up the universe to give you options. If you expect the worst, you usually get it (James Patterson)

If I could only speak the unspeakable
Think the unthinkable
Do the impossible
Write the not writable
I would be able to show you
How I think
How I speak
Through the words not able to be written
I could show you the lost that I have found
And the found that I have lost
I would show you that I am normal
But not normal just the same
I will show you how I am the paradox
Of everything paradoxal
I am the little girl
I am the young woman
I am the old lady
That knows things nobody can fathom
I am old and I am young
I am dumb and I am smart
I am everything you are not
I am me?

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