To Brush Your Teeth

April 28, 2010
By MaggieKelley BRONZE, Arnold, Maryland
MaggieKelley BRONZE, Arnold, Maryland
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Back and forth, back and forth
The bristles of the brush caress my small teeth
As i carelessly brush away the day
The white foam of the paste seeps through the small corners of my mouth
Songs, words, thoughts, people
All dance in my head as I brush
My tired brain thinks of brilliant ideas
That I know I won't remember in the morning
What should be? What never will?
What could be? What always will?
These are the ghosts
That haunt the graveyard of my mind
What will tomorrow be?
But only tomorrow knows!
So I close my heavy eyelids
And drift into a sleep that carries me there
Still thinking of everything while brushing my teeth

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