April 28, 2010
By kaybaangz BRONZE, Tobyhanna, Pennsylvania
kaybaangz BRONZE, Tobyhanna, Pennsylvania
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We all want to experience it.
What does it feel like?
Picture this..

You’ve entered a horse race to compete in with your trusty stead.
As you gallop along the dirt on your black stallion, you approach second place.
The black and white checkered ribbon is waiting to be run through at the finish line.
Your opponent, the tan and white long haired horse that is in first place, starts slowing down.
Finally, your horse sprints passed him like Flo Jo and you break that ribbon first.
They announce you and your horse’s name over the loud speaker as the winner.
Your heart is pounding;
JUMPING out of your chest.

How do you feel?
Excited, Anxious, Relieved?
That’s what it should be.
You’ve just accomplished something you wanted and the nervousness is over.

If you were on a team of some sort,
maybe soccer,
and you were on offense and you were running towards the net to shoot a goal.
You get close enough to shoot, so you take that one last chance for your team.
There’s TEN seconds left.
You shoot;
the buzzer rings,
the crowd goes wild.
You’ve won the game for your team.
You now have so much confidence and you feel you can do it again.
and I know,
victory is one of the best feelings in the universe.

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