The War

April 25, 2010
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Stumbling off the frontlines
My eyes are cold and dead
I push out all the worthless thoughts
That drift into my head

Always running from retreat
The answers laughing at my back
I'm not sure where I'm running to
But I'll never be on track

There's an old war raging
My heart is half-way lost
What else do I have to lose
Before I pay the final cost

Now alone and waiting
The battle rages on
Those who once fought by my side
Have given up and gone

Never stopping, ever weary
There's no end in sight
The battle still continues
As another day turns into night

I can't run on forever
My heart is slowing down
There's a burning in my lungs
They're silently screaming out

I could win this battle
If you fought next to me
In this war of who I am
And who I want to be

So take my hand, pull me close
Shake me from this misery
I'm holding up my white flag
Please save me from me

You could be my savior
My first and final hope
Pull me back from this ledge
Teach me how to cope

Look me in the eyes
Tell me that you're here
Only the sound of your beating heart
Can drive away my fear

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