My Kyle 2

April 11, 2010
By HannaMae SILVER, Ljsfvnsopdfnae, Washington
HannaMae SILVER, Ljsfvnsopdfnae, Washington
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“Of Course not. You’re beautiful.”
Was I just a practice round for the real thing?
Or did you really mean it
That I was beautiful
But either way I just stared
Dumbfounded from the words that passed through the air
From your lips to my ears

“My Mom said I give good hugs.”
Was giving me that hug against ‘The Guy Code’?
Sense it was more than three seconds
And afterwards I could have sworn you looked at me differently
Somehow it was like I meant more to you

“Hanna, look at the baby”
Was that your secret passion all along?
Little tiny fingers and feet
You mad silly faces to the little girl on the plane
Made her smile back to you
And I wondered if you and I were to ever be you know
Would you love our kids like that
And be the best Dad around

This next memory I will always have of you, My Kyle,
Was your fist
Hitting the storage cabinet above the seats on the bus
Your eyes so angry and mad
Your mouth whispering silent words
Then almost like magic
Your eyes regained their shimmering blue
And your mouth was a straight line

You said to me the next day you have never
And would never hit a girl
My heart believed you more with every second that past us
The brain inside my skull on the other hand
Could only see you pounding on me
It could only see me where the storage cabinet was

Please let those words you said to me be true

The author's comments:
This is my sequel to My Kyle, please read both

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