Just Let Me Die

April 8, 2010
By WhatIsLove BRONZE, Beaumont, Texas
WhatIsLove BRONZE, Beaumont, Texas
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Her friends tried to stop her
But she just rolled her eyes
"Please leave me alone,
I'm begging, just let me die."

She walks to the bathroom,
closes the door,
glances in the mirror,
and falls to the floor.

Quickly she grabs a towel
to muffle the sounds,
and no one can hear
that she's breaking down.

She pulls herself to the counter
Staring at the knife,
she picks it up slowly,
with intentions to end her life.

Her mind flashes back behind
to all the good times that she's had
and how so very fast,
things went terribly bad.

In a matter of months
her life had came crashing down
as for the ones she once knew,
they were nowhere to be found.

With tears in her eyes,
she draws a picture with a twist
the sharp blade is a delicate paintbrush,
she draws it on her wrist.

Blood flows from the cuts
as she realizes what shes done
but for her it isn't enough,
she want's to feel numb.

She picks up her stuff,
ready to sneak from the house
trying hard not to wake her family,
she's quiet as a mouse.

She throws on a smile as she sees her little sister,
"Where are you going, please don't run."
"I won't be gone long,
I'm going to have fun."

She sweeps her sister into her arms
and carries her to the princess bed
she puts the blanket over her tiny body
and gently kisses her head.

The child lays in her bed
watching her hero walk out the door,
she didn't have much time with her,
she was only four.

Now she runs out of her house
into the cold dark pouring rain
she likes the fact that no one can see
every little sign of her pain.

She makes her way to the woods
where nobody can hear
as she screams one last time
and cries her last tears.

She collapses on the ground
and, using the same knife,
bloody and stained,
and begins to end her life.

Darkness envelopes her,
and she feels like she's flying
but she knows that she isn't,
she knows that shes dying.

Her friends tried to stop her,
but she had merely rolled her eyes.
"Please leave me alone,
I'm begging, Just Let Me Die."

The author's comments:
A few months ago our english teacher made us write a poem for class. This is what I wrote. It is a bit wordy and choppy, but I had to find a way to get all the credits(:

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