April 27, 2010
By Anonymous

Cheerful flawless sun peeping through the blinds.
Time to wake up and face the world that awaits me.
Perfectly arranged clothes wait for me.
Scrumptious pancakes with a whip cream smile greet me in the kitchen.
I eat them gradually, savoring every bite while excitingly talking to my Mom.
The doorbell rings, my veins fill with excitement as I race to the door.
It’s Ashley my best friend and today we’re going to explore the world.
Gloomy damaged sun burning through the blinds.
Time to disappear beneath the covers and be dead to the world for another hour or two.
Warped chaotic closet bursting with clothes awaits me.
Flavorless toast with burnt edges gawks at me as I hastily pick it up.
I devour the toast while charging at the door avoiding my Mother.
Down the block a black car waits.
It’s Jason my drug dealer and today I’m going to escape the world.

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