April 27, 2010
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I see the beautiful lights,
the nights we spent together.
The days we sat and laughed,
not knowing what was to come.

The times that were rough,
together we stayed tough.
Compelled to look to the light,
though the dark was slowly consuming.

The day I thought couldn't be better,
ruined by a bloodstained letter.
The dark slowly filling my life,
consuming my whole being.

A friend and lover lost,
everything has a price.
The thing that were once said,
are now dead.

In the end nothing is right,
no more beautiful lights.
Your not by my side laughing,
thats just a thing of the past.

Those moment we spent together,
are forever lost.
The thought of us,
brings heartache, and pain.

I'll miss the beautiful lights,
now its just darkness.
Without you ,
the world is dark blue.

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