Life's Drug

April 27, 2010
A stranger to It's own mother
Who would have ever seen it coming
Surely not the history books
That politicians keep ignoring

The truth is sometimes what hurts
But this time it is the cure
This ignorance that is prominent
Can happen no more

Power is the drug of life
Obama knows this as fact
He will do anything to keep it
Yes, this is an attack

Let the people suffer no more
Freedom is ours if we rise up
Let the people have a say
No longer will I shut-up

Obama fights tobacco
Yet he smokes
As he bends to the change of the wind
I watch and take notes

"Six months" he said about the war
Instead, more men will die
Ignorance is Power's best friend
And America is blind in both eyes

Democracy is what was intended
But these politicians forgot
Addicted to the drug of life
They will watch their country rot

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Cigg.Sunn said...
May 19, 2010 at 11:42 pm

"Ignorance is Power's best friend
And America is blind in both eyes"

I cannot even begin to tell you how much of a talented writer you are! What potential, what conviction! You are truely an amazing writer and your pieces never fail to entertain, they always bring truth and reasonable information. You write the truth in a manner that helps us all see the world from each eye. You are a wonderful writer. Continue to strive and you will go far my dear.

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