April 27, 2010
By DarrenC BRONZE, New Haven, Connecticut
DarrenC BRONZE, New Haven, Connecticut
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Though the light is not bright,

The chance of achieving still shines,

Yet many shall doubt you,

Some will stand by your side,

It’s up to you to hold pride,

Throughout the years it’ll make a guide,

Determination is one of many keys,

That will unlock the doors to succed,

Behold in the end, it's worth it,
Many will cheer in your honor,

Since you've conquered timeless hours
of difficult work and hardships,

As you walk down the aisle,
Every step reminds you of the past,

and all the memories can be rested atlas,
The ceremony called graduation,

Diploma handed and a bow is taken,
Your eyes have finally awakened,

It shall all be missed,
This thing called triumph.

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