April 2, 2010
By gabby9109 BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
gabby9109 BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
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As i delve into my poisons of choice
with a band of lost halves searching for our departed selves
we blame our poisons for the exhibition of our greatest desires
lingering cravings that leave our heads foggy as a hazy clearing of dust
then it clears in the midday hours as we recollect previous encounters
repressed actions that surfaced regretting ever stepping out of our skin
the searching of nighttime distractions putting the dull pangs of life at bay
the constant routines and short lived excitements

So I find solace in the broken things that find the courage to be put back together again
the wounded beings that are gentle enough to break
they grasp the undercurrents of life like a frequency only for their ears
those who feel to the core with no choice or say
just feeling as naturally as taking a breath of air
they have the courage to step out of what they know and into what is right
to be honest and giving to the world
to touch the shattered ones with no home
and love those
that don't have a heart to love themselves

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