19 Months

April 21, 2010
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Is there anything more memorable,
Then the spring of freshmen year?
They all played games like basketball, football,
Volleyball, and a combination of them all: soccafootanesketball.

Near the end of ninth grade, she really annoyed him.
Especially on the bus, questions every second.
Little did he know,
she just wanted his attention.

He caught the hint eventually,
And he asked her out on a note; she said yes.
For the first time they hugged, held hands,
Cuddled, and an unofficial date.

Sometime after they broke up,
And became friends again.
Then tenth grade came around,
And they ended up back together.

They dated for almost a year,
Their first real kiss came then.
The summer of tenth grade ruined them,
They didn’t talk for a year.

Eleventh grade was very hard;
But after school was over,
They started talking again,
Because they lived so close.

He tried to teach her golf,
That never worked.
But some feelings came back,
And they got back together.

Through the struggles and obstacles.
Three weeks, 11 months, 8 months;
Total of about 19 months.
And they have been the most amazing of their life’s.

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