Go Fish

April 21, 2010
By , Davisburg, MI
I hope you know you’re a horrible person.
I hope you know your words are daggers,
agonizing and unbearable with every slash.
You drown me with your lies and shattered promises.
They suffocate me more each day.
It’s been a month.
Why can’t you just leave me alone?
I won’t take your bait.

I’m not your fish anymore.

I see the smile on your face when you look at her.
Complete adoration, something you never felt for me.
Impossible to hide it no matter how hard you try.
What’s the problem?
Aren’t you worried you’re going to ruin
what you have with the girl you’ve wanted since the eighth grade?
You promised you would do whatever it takes
to make it right, to get me back.

You reel me in every time you cast me out.
But I know you’re just waiting for a good time
to hurt me again.
I hate you.
More than anything.
I hate the way you make me believe you
as if I don’t have any choice at all.

Can you do me just one favor?
Let me swim away this time.
Let me go.
Stop fishing for me.
Cut the line,
Let me off this hook.

I’m not your fish anymore.

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