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April 26, 2010
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I am a lone wolf,
which seems odd
because wolves are known for their packs,
which pack they live in
or come from.
I have no pack
or place to belong,
struggling to keep above water,
but I can't swim
and have no one to teach me.
My own pack is left behind
while I'm left to fight for myself.
I no longer see them in the distance.
Their howls have faded
and I can't control mines.
The anxiety prevents my howl from being heard,
but my strength keeps the enemies away.
Territory is golden
and so are my thoughts,
locked behind two red eyes of anger and tears of sadness.
My internal conflict takes over,
and an imaginary world appears.
As a spawn from reality,
Angels and Demons battle fiercely,
but demons have the upper-hand.
The more victorious they become,
the more I become like them.
I'm no longer a plain wolf,
but a ferocious beast
that erupts at the birth of a full moon.
I fear what I've become,
and don't want to remain this.
I must assist the Angels in the war.
Love is the only power strong enough to conquer,
and make all the Demons sweat their own blood.
Escaping the castle of my mind
I, the beast, am on pursuit for my beauty.
For once my castle has its queen,
the Demons will no longer curse me,
and alone I will be no more.

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BiancaMarie said...
May 19, 2010 at 10:46 am

this is ahmazing! keep writing hunn! (=

comment some of mine and rate them plz (=

wolFFlow replied...
May 20, 2010 at 10:28 pm
Thanks, I appreciate it. I'll be sure to check you out too.
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