my heart is his

April 26, 2010
When I see you I forget how to breathe I envy the girl who has you I wish that you would see me someday Thats about when you kiss me When your kissn' me I forget how to breathe I wish i could make you feel the way i feel I see stars and i can feel you all around me When your kissn' me I can see you in a tux I see me in mama's dress Daddy pretanding to get something out of his eye but i don't see the dress, or papa all i will see is you When I see you I feel like crying I feel like screaming like doing something crazy When there's dark clouds in my thoughts you sit back and let them turn gray you changed this angry lion to a sweet lamb how you did that i can only guess When your kissn' me my senses go crazy my mind goes on a trip I forget how to breathe I forget how to walk Because to me your my sun, my ice cool river, my warm rays of sunlight, your my heart

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sparkofheart said...
May 15, 2010 at 6:31 pm
that was really cute <3
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