In Dreams

April 18, 2010
By snivellus SILVER, Plymouth, Minnesota
snivellus SILVER, Plymouth, Minnesota
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When lights extinguish at night,
and I'm lounging lazily on the mattress,
slowly sinking into sleepy stupor,
my thoughts are willingly thrown out to you,
dozing in bed; sheets draped over your torso so snug,
and your hair ruffled wildly on the pillow.

Perhaps you're well into a breath-taking dream,
and your eyelids flicker with anticipation
as a smile plays on lips soft as petals from a rose.
How I long to marvel upon your intoxicating beauty;
a feast for my eyes as I steadily drink you in.

And how I wish I could join you,
wiggling closer to your blazing warmth
as a few strands of my hair float out to graze your chest.
And when you breathe sweet nothings in my ear,
I drift away on a cloud as your musky scent fills the evening
And I feel lust in the pressure of your hands twisted in mine,
tangled so tight they could never unfurl.

But something in the distance tries to tug me away.
And when I grasp you even tighter, your eyes meet mine,
and my blood sets fire as my heart smolders.
Our lips nearly brush as you lean in so close it dizzies me.
You whisper, "go now," in a voice that brings envy to the angels,
and I'm shoved back to reality by my blaring alarm.

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