Moving on

April 22, 2010
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Hand clenched around my heart
Blood pumps through my heart through my body
Every time the hand squeezes my heart
For I am to weak to do it myself
I need you
I need your hand to keep my alive
Your hand is the only thing keeping me from death
The love I feel for you
I’m not sure if its there anymore
I know your love for me is there and
More alive than I
I can’t see that love anymore
It has disappeared but the handprints are still there
I don’t see anymore for I am blind
But your love, your love I do feel it
I can feel your hands giving me a pulse
Giving me life again
Giving me hope
The sorrow has left my eyes but
The eyes, My eyes
Aren’t the ones you remember, the ones you know
They are different, no not different
Changed, they had changed
In those, my eyes you arent there anymore
Someone has replaced you
Someone that has always been there but deep down
They have suddenly reemerged
Your hands no longer needed to keep me alive
My heart beats on its own again
For that other someone has taken their hands
And intertwined their fingers with mine
Don’t worry I can still see you
And I always will
I see you fade into the back round
I wave, you smile
I see the longing but do not move
That someone pulls me
Pulls me up in his arms
This feels right , I love it
The someone wraps his arms around
My waist and suddenly I’m sad
For you because you disappear into the back round
I’m sorry your gone but I have
Found him the one I’ve been looking for
I’m sorry I loved you
And now my love for you is gone as a relationship
But you’re my friend and I will
Always love you
But never as I once did

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sparkofheart said...
May 15, 2010 at 4:49 pm
that was really good :)
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