Love Fire and Hate Ice

April 22, 2010
Unearthed, the secret
I have seen it for days,
hidden in the cold darkness.

Warm like manure on a winter day,
the secret dragged me closer.
It's foul nature was no match,
for the warmth it emitted.

For I had found your heart,
buried deep within you.
Deep within the block of ice
surrounding you. The cold air,
marred by the love. The warmth,
like a warm spot in a crowded pool,
seemed better.

There was alot more cold
than warm in you though,
something I found out too late.
I'd already become too accustomed,
to the frosty wind,
accompanied by the slightest ray
of the smallest sunshine.
Its this sunshine that eventually
burnt me beyond repair,
just as your heart tore mine out.

Just as I thought I had melted
the ice around you,
it refroze,
like a magnifying glass,
strengthening your sun.
Intensifying the pull I felt.
Worsening my burns.
Until that sun froze over,
until I was engulfed by the lonely,
the coldness of your heart.
Until that ice caused me to crack.
All that was left were a few
frozen peices of ash.

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