Starshine Valentine

April 22, 2010
Love is such a strange thing, it happens so fast.
Some relationships burn out quickly while some are meant to last.
But in a lifetime only one love will ever stand true.
That love should never be taken from you.
I say these words as rules of eternity.
Obey them, lest you feel my pain… my agony…

We met in secret under the stars.
On that hilltop, in each other's arms.
There was no other place we'd rather be.
Our love made the stars burn with envy.
Wrapped in a veil of night.
Nothing could've been more right.
We came closer as our hearts began to dance.
Dance hearts, dance!
Dance to the fantasia of our romance.
"I'll be your light, if you'll be mine.
Together our hearts will eternally shine.
Our hearts will combine.
Our dreams will intertwine.
Come now, amore mio.
Can you see our light?
It's radiating...
And that light is going to keep on shining.
With more power... and more...
it shines brighter.
It shines true.
But it will only shine as long as I have you.
You're someone I will hold close, you must never be lost.
I will defend you, at any cost.
I swear we’ll always be together.
I swear to love you forever.”
I lift my words of promise to the place where the stars blaze.
I find peace in the serenity of her loving gentle gaze.
I knew this feeling was real, it was written on my heart.
She looked at me and said
"Till death do us part."

Her words echoed through the wind as I stood over her grave.
It was a cruel act of fate, one I never forgave.
How could something so beautiful meet such a tragic end?
How could she have been the one I failed to defend?
She saw through me, through my eyes and my lies.
She truly knew my hatred of death and despise.
She knew I'd decay because of her demise.
Her spirit is out there, immune to my cries.
Her loss is my heart's tattoo.
This tragedy is the essence of strange and taboo.
This evening I will place a rose on her grave.
I'll live on... in her name.
Her heart belongs to the stars.
They had helped to realize that dream of ours.
But some dreams just aren't fated to intertwine.
All this being said helps lighten that pain and agony of mine.

Riposare in pace... my dearest valentine.

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tesorino614 said...
Aug. 10, 2010 at 8:20 pm
Really good I love all your poetry keep writing.
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