One Day

May 10, 2010
By MaxCiti BRONZE, Bethel, Alaska
MaxCiti BRONZE, Bethel, Alaska
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you can only say so much in a day before you start running out of stuff

One Day

One day was my favorite day.

A surprise like a gift,

I remember it so clear as glass.

The water-cooled the days bright sun.

Days so breeze as the wind whispered…Psssh.

The day was fun the boat ride was a rollercoaster as we yelled…WO!

It felt like we swam for a fortnight,

As a fly darted toward as with a…Buzz!

As was screamed as if it was a monster.

The day was long as a winter night.

My hotdog was burnt as coal…Eww!

Then it was gone as I watched her eat it.

The night came with a bright moon.

I haven’t felt a bed so light,

As clouds…Yawn!

The Day was over.

I wish this wonderful memory didn’t end.

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a memory

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