Hi, I'm Addiction

April 14, 2010
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"This is Addiction."
She whispered faintly.
When I saw her pale face I turned and whimpered,
"It’s a shame to met you, Addiction.
But who are you truly?"

"I'm you fear,
Or so you thought,
Until I began to be your friend,
Your one and only friend,
It was so easy you know.
To get you just to try me.
It was like offering candy to a 3 year old.

"I'm Addiction,
And I can tell you what you think of me.
Your afraid I'll whisper to her all day long,
Telling her what to do when she's on this high,
Because now she's a slave to this drug."
A prisoner.

I lean in to this poor girl that had introduced me to Addiction,
I exclaim, worrisome,
" Why do you let that monster do that to you?
Why did you even let that monster into your life.
Causing you to only love it more?
Why? My dear, why?"

"But do you understand? Truly?"
You cried.

I just mumbled my argument,
" The words that have caused me pain.
The things you have said and done.
This battle your fighting shouldn’t be his to win.
You shouldn’t let him over power you and your head
You are so much stronger than this.
I know how much better than this that you can be.
Please just please,
Would you try to stop
For me?"

"Why bother,"
Addiction joined in our quarrel,
To remind you of all those times you spent together.
"Remember I can give you your next high,
The one you will probably,
Get after this meeting.
Remember you love me,
We will always be together."

Interrupting Addiction,
Giving it my two cents,
" I've been here watching you do this to yourself,
Go unto the monster's path
I can no longer watch,
I can no longer see you die, So now I'm going to leave.
I know that you will never get through with this monster business,
So bye, my dear.
And remember,
I truly, unlike the monster, love you."

You turned away,
As to never see me again.
And I knew that Addiction was right,
I'll never help your cries,
Especially if you don’t want the help.

So that’s when I turned and was out the door,
I barley mouthed the following,
" Doesn't that hurt?
The pain you have caused your family?
We all know that what you call your freedom is a false world.
You only feel free, my dear.
For the truth is,
You are freed into a clear box.
Held captive by this Addiction that you’ve given your life to."
Good bye my friend,
Good bye my love.

"I can't bare to watch you,
You holding the hand of Addiction,
until the end."

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