Once Upon a Time

April 14, 2010
By Aesch BRONZE, Saline, Michigan
Aesch BRONZE, Saline, Michigan
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Once upon a time,
In a land not so far away,
There were no such things as once upon a times,
No fairytales.
No wishes upon stars,
And no happily ever afters.
There was only the beginning.
And there would one day be the end.

She began to open the oak door.
The sunlight about blinded her.
So many days locked away.
She could hardly breathe.
She could hardly believe
That such beauty could take her breath away.

It made her think.
Maybe this wasn’t so bad.
Waking up to the world everyday.
But she couldn’t see.
And she couldn’t think.
She had wasted almost everyday.

Just a few steps would do it.
One two three four…
She lingered closer to her fate.
Five six, so close to the taste of salty grace.
One two three four five six seven
Steps to hope for mercy and God’s grace.

Once upon a time,
In a land about ten miles from home,
Everybody remembered those once upon a times.
Reality hit all the believers of fairytales.
Some people talked to her upon the stars,
And they hoped she has had a happily ever after.
But since the beginning,
They hoped this wouldn’t be the end.

The author's comments:
I thank my creative writing teacher. This was an assignment for narrative poems, and I hope you like it.

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