"And the World goes Round"

April 13, 2010
By Nicole Conlee BRONZE, San Antonio, Texas
Nicole Conlee BRONZE, San Antonio, Texas
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Physics is making a sailboat racecar in 5 minutes

And praying that it works.
Physics is discovering that a partner can make a project

Ten times easier.
Physics is the frustration one feels when discovering

That a project does not work the first time.
Physics is signing onto the Wiki to see if anyone else

Understood question #3 on the homework.
If the world knew nothing about physics,

How messed up would the world be?
Physics is the horror the class feels after a test

And finds out that everyone has different answers.
Physics is hearing the crunch of an egg

As it hits solid concrete.
If there were no such thing as sig digs,

How many more students would pass the AP exam?

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