why not

April 13, 2010
By _some_kid_ BRONZE, Tempe, Arizona
_some_kid_ BRONZE, Tempe, Arizona
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a dream to live
a dream to give
i live to give myself a better dream
or maybe something with a little zing
to eiteher make millions
or give a sh** to make zillions
whether or not
i still live & give
& yet never shall i forgive
those who dare to say
or dare to give up
on the man who paid his life
without any kind of fight
& yet everyone say's why
why'd he do it
why he try'd it
why not give it all
& then try to deny it
so then the most i can do
is to try
or atleast buy it
i dont know why
but each &every day
im starting to fade away
into this deep dark abyss
from this damn game
soon enough the devil
will have his way

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