April 15, 2010
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Typically my time spent
On these poems are not meant to vent
But I can’t let the remnants of this man I resent
Cause as I lived a life that’s already party been down
He just had to come along and continue to push me down
Fill me with anger and rage
Hatred which can’t be described on a blank page
And as I’m looking back at the shattered screenplay left on the stage
I’m wondering what made me feel so encaged,
It’s hard to say whether what may be defined as the right way
Part of me is already feeling insane
Sayin theres no question that if he were slain
I would smile and thank karma for playing its role in this game
While another part of me wants to walk away while I don’t have any shame
Just switch lanes
Got other games in life I should be playin,
Brighter days which will overshadow this rain
But its hard to say,
Either situation won’t fix this day

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