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this stuff doesn't last forever

When I see you with her
Even though I love her
It makes me furious
I want to run away
To Iceland, possibly Egypt
And hide from you
But that would just be
Childish and Foolish and Greedy
Wanting you all to myself
But yet it’s so tempting
I’m sure I could succeed
But I stop myself
Because I’m sure
One day I will look back
And think I was so naïve
I will probably think
That you’re gross
And pathetic
Friendship lasts forever
And love comes and goes
This stuff doesn’t last forever
Because nothing is worth trading
A five letter word that cannot be divided
A four letter word that can

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DaylightDarkness said...
May 13, 2010 at 10:04 am
This is so deep. It was really easy to connect with and understand what you were talking about. Every line is powerful. Thank you for posting!
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