Last ride of The Boys Life

April 22, 2010
By bunnybunbun GOLD, Cresco, Pennsylvania
bunnybunbun GOLD, Cresco, Pennsylvania
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August 14th, 12:00 pm.
A mother was loading her groceries into the
car,while little Mikey rode the mechanical horse.
Bangs and flashes all over the parking lot;
mother runs to her little boy, hoping he’s ok.
Mother approaches and finds the horse
covered in red, with a body on the pavement.
As she kneels down on the ground, scrapping
her knees, she picks up the boy and screams.
Call 911, somebody help, as she held her
bleeding son.
The boy lying in her arms, bleeding
a shot to the heart, a shot of death.
Ambulance arrives, the lights flashing in the
mother’s face.
Medics run over, checking over the boy’s state.
His pulse; silent, medics scream, bring out the
As his small back arches off the pavement,
forcing his
heart to beat, he falls back down, still nothing.
Screams shouting, “Shock Again,” and “Stop
the bleeding,”
but all hope was lost.
12:30 pm. Time of death.
A little boy no older than five,
lost his life due to a shoot out.
As his mother held him in her arms,
pleading the medics to bring him back.
Nothing could save her little boy.
Mikey was off to heaven.

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