What is this Considered to be?

April 22, 2010
By pauleen.gabriel BRONZE, Dededo, Other
pauleen.gabriel BRONZE, Dededo, Other
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According to the dictionary, a friend is a person who acts in a friendly and generous way to people; someone who knows and likes another person very well.
We started that way and then evolved to best friends through the months.
As best friends, we were always hanging out:
a movie, food, projects, plays, etc.
Over the course of time, we evolved once again –
From those youngster friends to now the mature friends.
We saw each other’s down days and joyous days,
The memories we share, will always be there!
Evolution came again, quicker at this stage – mature friends to now loving sisters!
A sister, according to the dictionary, is the title given to a female child describing a relationship to other children of her parents; a fellow female member of any group.
In my definition, a sister is a person who I can run to when I need a laugh, a hug, a cheer, back-up, or just someone to talk to.
A person who can relate to what I’m going through and so can I for them in return.
This person doesn’t have to be blood-related rather than related through the blood of our trials and hardships.
I consider a certain few to be of that nature,
And nature told me to hold on to them.
I hope that we only grow more in our relationships just like the ones of those siblings we have of our own.
I love you immeasurably, only because I know you love and care for me!
So I ask of you to keep this little note that I have written for you, for reason of just because.
I hope things won’t change between us, unless it’s for the better.
I wonder what this is considered to be, just as I have stated, but I know in reality that this is my life and yours entwined.
The way the world wants it to be and I am so grateful for it!
But consider this to be our lives and we love it as we live and
Will always love each other, just like we are now and hopefully forever!

The author's comments:
a friendship that is changing for the better to become more what you started.

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