Coming Clean

April 21, 2010
As hard as I try I know I can't win,
something about you is so addictive.
When you look at me theres not much I can do,
but helplessly fall in love with you.
i know that I shouldn't, I know that it's wrong ,
but my time with you feels like a song.
To me it's like lightning,
and when we touch sparks are flying.
I spend my days thinking about,
you being here right now.
And everything I've ever done didn't matter up until now,
it's like you've completed me somehow.
I'm terrified of what you'll think,
if you find that your eyes make me sink.
So tell me what you've been hiding,
cause you always leave me sighing.
And for once in my life I know that it's love,
I could write a million songs about you but they'd never be enough

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