God Bless the Hood

April 18, 2010
By , loraine, TX
I once was all alone,
With no other home,
Besides a box on the streets and a half bottle of patron,
I kept fighting to survive,
But i didnt know why,
Because life wasnt worth living so why even try,
My faith was not alive, this is how I felt inside,
I excluded the world and my feelings I had to hide,
I was beaten till I cried, by all of the thugs,
The pain was so bad i had to turn to the drugs,
You know I wasnt always like is I used to be happy,
I had a mother that loved me and promised to take care of me,
But when the cancer took her it was like the world came down on me,
She always said in God you believe, but what does that even mean,
Is there even a God and is he even listening,
My mothers voice was like hot chocolate on a winter day,
The feeling of comfort you never want it to go away,
But to stay, everyday, not letting it fade away,
I just pray that I can feel that again somehow someday,
So one night I kneeled to the ground and looked up in the sky,
God I need you more than ever in your hands I give my life,
Here goes my one last try, if I fail than I die,
From that day on he took me too places impossibly high,
My life as I knew it had changed in a blink of an eye,
I grew strong in faith and was given a new opportunity to shine,
They gave me the chance and i took it with my rhyme,
He is my savior for my life he has saved,
He picked me up and my path he has paved,
The path that I took, all the way to Hollywood,
And I just have to pray and say God bless the hood.

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