My Hero

April 19, 2010
My hero is someone you cannot see
But he is still here, he died for me
He gave up his life so we could all live
In heaven above and without sin

He took the pain and endured every wip
The men they all teased the men they all hit
He fell three times but got right back up
He carried his cross onward and up

They hammered nails into his hands and feet
But the love he has for us they cannot defeat
He hung on the cross and suffered and died
Was buried and rose on the third day to the sky

He knows what we do he sees everything
His love we feel, he helps the pain
I talk to him as if he were here
He answers back to my heart not my ear

Blessings around everywhere that I see
He created this Earth for you and for me
He created the sky and the sweet smell of spring air
He created this world for us to all share

He asks not much but to believe and obey
And to live my life in a Christian way
I want to stay on the path he has chosen for me
But sometimes it's so hard I just want to flee

Then my heart is overcome with a feeling of peace
I remember my hero and drop to my knees

I love my hero he is the most
Father, Son, and Holy Ghost

When I do wrong he always forgives
In my heart he always lives
I strive to do good, to bring people to him
I can feel his warm smile and I know then;

When I die I will go
To heaven and live with my hero
I will walk right through those golden gates
And there all my love ones await

My hero is for everyone but the choice is up to you
It's very simple just believe thats all you have to do

My Jesus my friend he means so much to me
He picks me up when I am down and loves unconditionally

I need him and love him so
Jesus is my hero

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emmmm said...
Aug. 28, 2010 at 1:18 pm

so true. and awesome. i love this. really helps to keep everything in perspecitive, that this life is all about Him, our ultimate Hero.

thanks for posting this

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