Are We To Be

April 19, 2010
Are we to be
Even as I sit as small as a flea
Looking at you from afar
But it’s hard to be noticed when you’re a star
Every girl is in love with you
Yet I’m stuck to you like glue
I get butterflies from your wondering glance
Please give me a chance
I know I’m not your type
But in your heart you know I’m right
I mean I have my imperfections
My hair doesn’t always cooperate in my reflections
But if you could only feel my affection
I’m not the sharpest knife
Or the most musical fife
But I play just fine in life
I’m shy
And about you I do lie
Lie to my friends who pry
When deep inside I really want to fly
But I’ll wait for you
Wait until you’re ready to break through
Until then I sit as small as a flea
If only you liked me
We could be

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