News Suicide

April 19, 2010
By Whyme BRONZE, Holly Springs, North Carolina
Whyme BRONZE, Holly Springs, North Carolina
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News Suicide

Why do people watch the news
I ask myself this all the time
For every positive there is 20 negatives
there is always a criminal investigation
someone stealing millions
kids bringing guns to school
someone always is complaining about something
its always about the money
and the government is always trying to tell us what to do
people don't kill themselves because of how they feel
people kill themselves because of the news
the news just makes me depressed
watching all this crazy stuff on hundreds of channels
I think people are scared about whats to come
no one wants to hear all the nonsense
no one wants to be apart of the nonsense
all the negativity that no one wants to live like
who knows whats to come
the news will persuade you
to believe and feel what they do
then bang the game is over

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